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Graphs of join dates Each horizonatal pixel is equal to 1 day. The vertical scale varies to fit the screen, according to the max value. "max value of 1px" indicates the possible value of the 1px line at the bottom of the graph, all scaled values are rounded up, so 1px by itself may be less. When you hover over a line, the date and join count will appear in a tooltip. (format = date:users) new: below each graph is a line that will change depending on which line you hover over. Red lines show join volume above the average for each graph.
spiral: 745days, 27/day. Max value of 1px = 2 users Hovering: none
remix+tour: 413days, 499/day. Max value of 1px = 16 users Hovering: none
spiral+remix+tour: 1158days, 195/day. Max value of 1px = 16 users Hovering: none