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User statistics apply to all accounts, not just
Login statistics start when opened
Spiral members automatically became users who had joined but not logged on, which is reflected in the statistics
All users automatically have a account, which is impossible to differentiate
I am aware that the percentages don't add up

Total number of remixes: 13563 (78% active, 22% inactive)

Total number of users: 261338

-24% have never logged in (69% of those have confirmed their account)
-42% have only logged in once
-21% have logged in more than once (53678)

-27% joined since opened (but before the tour)
-51% joined since the tour was announced
-8% were spiral members
-- Of those: 63% have never logged in to (and 13% only once)

Of 36180 who logged in to in 2007, 38% logged in again in 2008

29684 users with unconfirmed accounts
3940 users with a public email address
9535 users with an avatar
12984 users with a photo
8626 users with a bio
but only 919 users have all 4 (venn diagram time?)

total duration of all remixes: 41 days, 15 hours, 12 mins and 23 secs
an average active user has listened to 23 remixes
There is:
- 1 rating for every 11 listens
- 1 comment for every 49 listens
- 1 comment for every 4 ratings

4184 users have uploaded remixes
- The average number of remixes (for users with at least one remix) is 3.24
- The average number of remixes (only users with multiple remixes) is 5.35

48% have one remix
52% have multiple remixes:
- 20% have 2 remixes
- 9% have 3 remixes
- 5% have 4 remixes
- 4% have 5 remixes
- 14% have 6 or more each

The user with the most remixes is bjgrem with 94 remixes. (Trent has 100)

The most active admin is SwimFin (approved: 5960, denied: 1610)

The longest mix, at 31.02 mins, is The Burnt Flesh And Your Fragile Skin by Blackhavocer
The shortest mix, at 11 secs, is The Great Destroyer(DJ Darknezz remix) by Darknezzz

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