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nympholept currently cannot connect to nintelligent.net, or teragon.net.
I can't resolve the hostname for some bizarre reason, i tired changing my dns settings to use another isps server, and i could resolve it and ping it, but irc still can't connect.
I've emailed them ISP demanding an explanation, but they really really suck. too bad they're the best available.
so, sorry the stats aren't really any good anymore :(

Back, curiously gone for exactly 1 blling cycle, so it was indeed my ISP at fault.
don't get too used to these updated stats, i leave for the world on May 1, and i've decided to save a little money by turning my computer off when i go. sorry.
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see also: Mycah's stats

javachat: http://www.nintelligent.net/javachat
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