Since I now have multiple nin releated things on my site, and before I end up with too many links coming here, the time has come for an entry page to the nin portion of my site
Working on this page is an act of pure procrastination, hopefully it will not happen too often.

Yeah, this page sucks, try back next week.
Stuff you can find here: stats (updated weekly)
old #ets stats (updated never)
nin_news LJ tour photoblog archive (the most complete in existence)
access archive and transcripts (coming soon)
downloads (private)
collection lists (private)
error_url_generator (private)
nin database project 1 (started jul 2006, delayed)
nin database project 2 (started mar 2008, update "soon")

Stuff you can find elsewhere:

If you're here, you'll probably already know I co-manage the nin_news community on livejournal
I can also be found on the forum